Sunday, November 28, 2010

Work Complete!

I just finished the story last night. It weighs in at just over 64k. This means the final "episode" of the story here will be posted on Dec 6.

I actually have a complete, start-to-finish, "zero draft", which is a first for me. I thought nano would get my butt in gear for a new story, but I didn't expect to get this far. I didn't even expect to make the 50k. I guess it's good to try new things and challenge yourself.

I thought I'd be all like "woohoo, I'm done*", but instead my mind is now split. Half of me wants to jump back in RIGHT FREAKIN' NOW and start editing. There are some neat things that developed later on that need to be fed back into the first parts, and some scenes that aren't being all they can be. The other half of my mind is still careening along the storyline into sequel territory. It's annoying as I want to put this down for a little bit, but I'm worried that if I don't write while the inspiration is hot, I may lose the momentum. A third half (math is hard) just wants to sleep and maybe do something crazy like read a book or watch TV.

Overall, I'm really happy with the zero draft. I haven't read it through in its entirety yet, but I have been reading through the old scenes as I dump them on the blog here. It's much tighter than I expected when I started. I figured it would start out well, but then grow like a Peep in a microwave, not gaining any substance but vastly growing in scope until the internal structure completely fails and all you have is this deflated gooey mess that you don't want to eat and is really hard to get off the plate once it cools down. Or something. Anyways, it was a pleasant surprise.

Happy reading!

* with this step

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