Saturday, November 6, 2010

NaNoWriMo 2010 - the EULA

I'm doing National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) this year. So far it's been great. A great way to get motivated about writing. Also, it's a great way to leap into some new material. I've been getting interesting feedback on what I've written so far, so what the hell, I'll put it out there for others to read and comment on.

A warning: this is a completely new story for me, and I really don't have much of it plotted out. I suspect that will become obvious over time. This is unedited, straight out my brain writing. I make no claims that any of it makes sense and I'm sure there will be huge continuity problems. It's a Young Adult Paranormal story, about some kids in Aberdeen dealing with weird goings ons. I've done zero research on this. While I did go to high school, that was a long time ago (and my kids aren't quite there yet); I actually drove through Aberdeen once, but didn't stop; and I've had no experience at all with paranormal activity (I didn't even see the movie, or the sequel). That sounds like a set up for success, no? Well you've been warned.

That said, I do appreciate any constructive comments.

NaNoWriMo runs through the month of November, and my goal is to post my progress in here daily. After November, we'll see. I'm actually out of town for the next week, so updates may be a bit spotty, but after that, it should be solid.

It's been fun writing this so far, so I hope you have fun reading it.


  1. Thanks for the stalking. :)

    I decided that daily postings would probably be too often to expect people to keep up, so I'm doing twice a week. It's National Novel *writing* (not reading) month, after all.

  2. and then, per my Halfway there post, I undecided that. :)

  3. Where are you going to post it, Gary? I love YA novels.

  4. The start of the story is the blog post "Nano 2010 - Day 1", and continues from there: