Monday, November 15, 2010

Nano 2010 - Day 5

(written 11/5/2010 - total words 10,994)

Cal and Angel ran across the golf course. Hissing sounds from the thing chasing them spurred them to run faster. Without a moon in the sky they were barely able to see the ground they were running on. Luckily it was mostly flat. Dark shapes, trees, loomed in the distance. Cal couldn’t tell how far away they were, but they needed to get some cover so they could escape.

Cal was surprised to find that Angel was a pretty good runner. Surprised because neither the goth lifestyle nor clothing style seemed well suited to anything athletic. She got ahead of him quickly, though held onto his hand tightly. He thought that if she had let go of him, she would be long gone into the darkness.

As they approached the inky darkness of the trees, they were able to see some depth and definition and slowed to avoid running into a trunk or low branch. They stepped into the stand of trees and were swallowed by darkness.

Angel yanked on Cal’s arm, making him think she had fallen, but she had just dropped to her knees behind a tree. He dropped down next to her and leaned against the trunk. He worked on getting his breath under control as he looked back out the way they had come. The tree trunk wasn’t all that wide, so Angel was pressed up next to him and he could feel her breathing. Her smoky perfume was all around him as well. It was pleasantly distracting. The stick poking him in the cheek was also distracting, but not as pleasant. He moved it, trying not to snap it and make a noise.

As his eyes adjusted to the darkness of the trees, he could see more of the golf course. He strained to see if there was anything moving.

Angel shifted and pressed into him further.

“Do you see him,” she whispered into his ear.

He felt her hair on the side of his face, her breath made the hairs on his neck stand up, and her lips brushed his ear. What he would give to have this situation happen somewhere other than a golf course in the middle of the night with a homicidal FBI agent chasing after them. Fortunately evolution had seen to it that the lizard brain that was trying to save his life got priority over his normal thought process. He stared out into the dark space in front of them.

“No,” he said, turning to her, noticing how close their lips were. He could just make out the whites of one of her eyes as she looked back at him. Her lip ring was a dim line in the blackness of her lips. “I think we lost him.” She held his gaze and their closeness started to transform into something warmer. That little lizard brain was relaxing.

There was a noise back where they had come from. The lizard brain snapped back in control and Cal looked out from their hiding spot.

“Crap,” he said.

A figure was jogging along from the same direction they had come.

“We should run,” he said.

“No,” whispered Angel. “He’ll see us. If we stay here he’ll just go right by.”

“What if he saw us come in here?”

Angel didn’t reply. Cal chewed on his lip. Fear and indecision nipped at his gut. The dark form came closer. Angel put both of her hands around his. He knew she was afraid too. Her hands were freezing.

“I’m going out there,” Cal said.

“What?” Angel hissed. “You can’t fight him. Remember how he fought Walsh?”

“I’m not going to fight him,” Cal whispered back. “He’s a federal agent.”

Cal stood up and Angel stood with him, staying close. Cal didn’t complain.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

“You stay here,” he said. “I’ll go talk to him and tell him I’m alone. When we leave, you get out of here.”

Cal let go of her hands and motioned for her to stay low. She crouched back down and Cal stepped forward moving as quietly as he could. The form was apparently still breathing hard, and didn’t hear him moving. As he got closer, it looked like Agent Parson was facing away from the trees as well. Maybe Cal could knock him out and they could both get out of there. He crept closer and closer, but Agent Parson didn’t seem to notice him. He was doubled over with his hands on his knees, still breathing hard.

Without really deciding to do it, or really having any idea what to do, Cal launched at the federal agent. The agent moved quickly and something hard and cold hit Cal in the face and Cal was falling through space and time.

It seemed like hours had passed. Cal blinked. It was still dark out.

Agent Parson loomed over him saying “Shit shit shit shit shit.” Only it wasn’t Agent Parson’s voice.

“Oscar?” asked another voice that wasn’t Agent Parson. That one belonged to Angel.

“Angel?” Oscar asked. “What the hell were you guys doing?”

“Us?” Angel fired back. “You were the one chasing us.”

Cal tried to say something but choked on the blood that had collected in the back of his throat.

Angel dropped down on her knees next to Cal and put her hand on his chest.

“Are you okay, Cal?” she asked.

“Yeah,” Oscar said, kneeling on the other side of him. “You okay?”

Cal propped himself up on his elbows. Cal reached up to touch his aching face. He left his right hand where it lay against Angel’s thigh.

“I’m okay,” he said. “How long was I out?”

“Out?” Angel asked. She looked over at Oscar. Oscar shrugged.

“You weren’t out,” she continued. “You just fell down. I don’t think you were out.”

“Sorry man,” Oscar said as Cal pushed himself up onto his elbows. “You scared the crap out of me.”

“Well I guess we’re even then,” Cal said working on sitting up. Angel and Oscar helped him get to a sitting position.

“Why were you chasing us anyways?” Cal asked.

“I was trying to catch up to you,” Oscar said, a defiant, defensive tone creeping up in his voice. “I keep whispering out to you, but you just kept running.”

“We thought you were Agent Parson,” Cal said.

“Who?” Oscar asked.

“Agent Parson,” Cal repeated. “The FBI agent I talked to.”

“You mean Agent Wilson,” Angel said.

“Agent Wilson?” Oscar asked. “Agent Benson visited me.”

“Wait,” Cal interrupted. “There are three FBI agents? I thought you guys said you talked to the same guy I did. The guy who we saw kidnapping Walsh.”

“That’s who I saw,” said Angel. “Said his name was Wilson.”

“My guy was Benson,” Oscar said.

“What the hell?” Cal asked the universe.

They were cut off from further discussion by the appearance of lights coming down the green. They hurried back into the trees to see what was coming. Angel was pressed into Cal again. Cal didn’t complain.

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