Saturday, November 6, 2010


Hooray, another blog on The Internet, another drip of water in the ocean. Just what it was missing.

And further hooray, something else for me to feel guilty about neglecting. To see another awesome technology I neglect, you can follow me on Twitter @garpPduardo.

This blog is focused on my writing. I'd like to get published someday, but, for now, I'm just a writer, and that's fine with me.

I'm not all together sure what to blog about here. I've heard people say "every word on your blog is a word that's not in your book", which seems like sound advice. I've also read numerous blogs about advice for aspiring authors, tips and tricks on how to get published, and ways to keep your motivation and sprits up. As a non-published writer, I don't feel I have much authority to say what does or doesn't work, and the blog-o-sphere doesn't need yet another inexperienced noob spouting off his opinion about what he thinks should or shouldn't work.

My (current) philosophy is to write as much as possible. Just write anything. If there's a coherent story there, hack on it and see if you can polish it up to something nice. I guarantee you that if you do this, you will have a lot of writing. I don't know if you'll be published, but there will be a lot of your words in a notebook or a computer file or something. And wouldn't it be cool to have written all of that.

If I ever publish anything and I get rich and famous, I'll be happy to update that philosophy with what worked for me and sell it to you in a book or DVD. Maybe I'll even come to your corporate event.

That's all my advice for now. Now I have to figure out what to put in this blog.

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